What Communities Can Do to Address and Prevent Bullying

Community members can lead social change to address bullying by encouraging actions that promote kindness

toward others, acceptance of differences, and inclusion of all, building up a social environment that

discourages bullying behaviors.

Together, we can create a world without bullying.

1. Encourage and promote the bullying prevention conversation

Talk to the youth in your community: Whether it’s meeting with a group or one-on-one, spending time

with youth can help you better understand their experiences and what issues they’re facing as young people.

Bullying directly impacts them. Their opinions are important and can be used as a guide when thinking

through community strategies.

Community Leadership Clubs: Organizations that focus on community outreach can raise awareness by

inviting students and educators to speak about their experiences with bullying and share ideas about what

everyone can do to help.

Decision Makers: Community leaders are in a unique position to raise awareness about bullying prevention.

Encourage education and policy leaders, as well as other influential individuals in your community, to think

through how the community can better protect youth.

Libraries: Invite local libraries to create special sections or tables featuring books and resources that highlight

the impact of bullying and what to do when confronted with bullying. 


Silence gives implied permission for bullying to continue without consequences. Speaking out shows an investment in keeping all young people safe from hurt, harm, and humiliation. Help prevent bullying by promoting and modeling kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

2. Hold a bullying prevention event

Events are an effective way to raise awareness about bullying prevention and encourage the qualities of kindness,

acceptance, and inclusion. The event can be a community petition signing, a run or walk against bullying,

a fundraiser, or anything that shows your community cares about this important issue. Reach out to local

businesses for sponsorship or donations. Invite guest speakers, give out bullying prevention literature, and

hold an activity that features ways to be kind. The event can include music, giveaways, education, and more.

Bullying prevention is a community issue and it takes all of us to create change!

3. Celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month and Unity Day

Every October, individuals across the nation take action at the local level to create safe and supportive

schools, online environments, and communities. Any community, including local businesses, restaurants,

law enforcement, government offices, and leadership groups, can do their part by:

• Offering information and education about how everyone can help prevent bullying

• Encouraging local youth to participate in an activity that calls attention to bullying and its effects

• Sharing information about the issue through news media, social media, videos, and print publications

• Speaking with education and public policy leaders about their role in bullying prevention

• Inspiring everyone to unite for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion